We are located in beautiful Terra Linda, set in between rolling hills and a miniature redwood forest. Our campus is perfect for all ages! We have a front yard with its own sandbox and play area, and a large blacktop where the children can ride bikes and trikes. Our backyard has three sandboxes, one lower and two upper, and a garden with an area for each classroom to plant different flowers, produce, squashes and pumpkins.

Ice Cream and Shoe is dedicated to nurturing the emotional, social, and cognitive development of the whole child.  By expanding the child’s sphere of intimacy and gaining his or her trust, we help children learn how to be happy in relationship with one another and their environment.  We hope to kindle the awareness in each child of understanding how to give and receive.  Strong emphasis is placed on nurturing relationships, conflict resolution and allowing each child to come into his or her unique being with a sense of happiness and acceptance.

Ice Cream and Shoe is a year-round Preschool, founded in 1991 and located in Terra Linda.  Our guiding vision is to create a warm, loving, and interesting environment in which young children thrive.  Our commitment is to serve the development of each child’s individual being, within the intimacy of a community of friends and teachers.  We create a unique and magical school atmosphere where students, staff and parents alike benefit from our experience and training.

Visiting families tell us that they are particularly impressed with Ice Cream and Shoe’s peaceful, calm atmosphere, low student/teacher ratio, and the happiness of the children.  Each classroom maintains its own morning program appropriate to the specific age and developmental range of its children.  The children engage in a wide variety of activities while the teachers provide gentle guidance, strong encouragement and loving support.  Staff direct children with calm voices while still providing firm, clear boundaries and guidelines.  We understand discipline to be a process of setting appropriate, respectful, and consistent limits, maintaining balance and equanimity in each child and in the classroom.

Conflicts are dealt with as learning opportunities.  Each child involved is heard and supported, and comes away more fully in touch with their feelings.  Both the “victim” and the “perpetrator” gain tools to help express themselves, knowing their needs will be met and their desires acknowledged even if a bit of a wait must precede their fulfillment.

We are committed to providing the highest quality early childhood education to each and every one of our students.  Ice Cream and Shoe’s program is the culmination of considerable effort and intention to bring out the best in a variety of educational philosophies, creating a unique curriculum.   Teaching practices weave components of the styles of Maria Montessori, Rudolph Steiner, and Joseph Chilton Pearce, along with other more traditional early childhood education models.

With this foundation, we feel confident that our students will continue to thrive as they enter elementary school.  We have seen the proof of this in the lives of our “alumni” and others who are now young adults.  Ice Cream and Shoe is a nonsectarian privately owned corporation.  Our approach is to raise children in love and relationship.  We welcome families from all backgrounds and celebrate all cultural traditions.