Admission Process

The admission process at Ice Cream & Shoe begins with a visit. Parents and their child are invited to view the school and ask questions about the program. If at that time parents wish to apply for enrollment they fill out an application and return it.

The Director and teachers will then review the applications we have received. We try to have our classes balanced with girls, boys and various birthdates. Preschool readiness is also a factor taken into consideration. We do not use a waiting list.

Parents are notified of enrollment by letter. If you have been notified that a space is available for your child you need to send in a deposit in order to reserve the space. The deposit includes the one-time registration fee, a yearly materials fee, a security deposit and your child’s first month’s tuition. The security deposit is kept by the school until your child leaves as a deposit to cover your last month’s tuition.

We will then contact you regarding your child’s start date and your schedule. Both the school and parents have a one month probationary period to determine whether this is a good fit for your child and the class.

If at the end of one month either party determines that the child is not being served to their best interests, enrollment will be ended and the tuition deposit refunded.

Do you work during the summers? No problem! Our school is a year-round program.

During the regular school year, we follow the same holidays as the Dixie School District—therefore, the dates of our holidays change accordingly.