The Ice Creams Class is primarily for children who are three plus. It is helpful to have had some experience in another program or family home daycare. The morning includes times for free choice and teacher guided activities. The room has been set up with areas for building, trucks and transportation, kitchen, and materials for creative and dramatic play, including dress-ups. Art shelves with many and varied materials are always available and the painting easel is set up to be used at any time.

There are also many shelves with “works” which is a concept we have borrowed from the Montessori method. These shelves have puzzles, manipulatives, grading, sorting, letter and number works, as well as things just for fun. These works develop children’s ability to focus and concentrate, as well as their fine motor skills. They are amusing, colorful, and pertain to the season.

In circle time every day, the children sing their daily songs, count how many classmates are present, and do many other enjoyable activities including yoga, dancing, calisthenics, felt board stories, acting out simple stories and plays, and playing various games.

Children at this level are still young, and are just learning the art of playing with one another and interacting socially. The transition from side-by-side play to group play is a definite developmental state and teachers are available to help. As with the other classes, the Ice Creams also spend time in the art room with our art teacher. They love their outside time, learning how to ride their bikes with training wheels, and making complicated “cakes” in the sandboxes.

They are also learning how much fun stories can be and developing their listening skills.

Most importantly, children learn as individuals to breathe deeply. They are developing sensitivity toward their own bodies, others, and their environment. Finally, they are learning a love and respect for Mother Earth and all living things.