The Frogs PreK/K class is designed to meet children where they are and provide all the tools they need for success, whether they transition into Kindergarten or 1st grade outside our school.

The emphasis is on exploration and discovery, building self-confidence and self-reliance, resourcing, experiencing success and persevering through challenges, and FUN!

Children are provided learning opportunities and exploration as a large group, in small groups and individually in all focus areas to meet their age and stage of development. Our ultimate goal is for all children leaving the Frogs class to be passionate, self-confident, curious, creative, compassionate learners!

In the Frogs class there are many classroom activities to choose from, including a carpentry table with real working tools, many and varied art materials, and Montessori materials which acquaint the child with math and language concepts through tactile exploration.

Some highlights of the class include the Special Person of the Week and Artist of the Month. The class creates their own play including an original script and costumes and performs it at our yearly art show. The Frogs also go on specialized field trips in the community and make lots of use of the outdoors for science exploration and art projects.