We have created a warm, loving and interesting environment in which young children thrive


It is a unique and magical school atmosphere where students, staff and parents all benefit from our experience and training 


Ice Cream & Shoe is dedicated to nurturing the emotional, social and cognitive development of the whole child. We help our children learn how to be happy in relationship with one another and the environment. Our goal is to kindle an awareness in each child of how to give as well as receive.

Ice Cream & Shoe is a year-round preschool, founded in 1991. We are located in beautiful Terra Linda, set between rolling hills and a miniature redwood forest, complete with two nesting barn owls and their babies (hatched April, 2021). Deer, hawks, lizards and all sorts of wildlife grace our schoolgrounds. We have multiple shady outdoor play areas, including a garden where children plant flowers, beans, tomatoes and sugar-snap peas. Five shaded sandboxes, a blacktop for bike rides, various climbing structures and a mud kitchen provide a variety of opportunities to explore and engage in imaginative play.